The company

We specialize in supply and installation of gates, doors, windows and glazing systems. Our offer includes the best manufacturers products of highest quality. Our trademark is efficiency, individual approach to the customer and attention to detail.

We provide professional support on every step of the project, from concept and design to final installation. Using the newest technologies available , we provide the best quality at the reasonable prices.

Our mission

Our mission is to work to the best of our ability and never betray the trust of our clients.

We not only deliver the top quality products to our customers, we would like to offer advice, information and aftercare , so our doors and windows can be the pride and joy of their houses for many years.

We wish MLM Glass to appear trustworthy enough for our customers to be recommended to their friends.


Domestic doors & windows

Mlm has your solution in our range of quality residential doors and windows, in aluminium, uPVC, wood and alu-clad. Everything in our range can be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements. The beauty of new generation aluminium framed windows and doors, is durability, elegance and high thermal efficiency. Aluminium window frames allow light to flood into your house from even the smallest opening, whilst offering the peace of mind of enhanced high security locking. We supply and install a wide range of quality uPVC windows and doors. Your choice of design is limitless and the virtually maintenance free finish is available in many colours. Your wood options are so diverse ; speak to one of our representatives to discuss the range. All of our products come with an extensive guarantee on material and labour.

Structural glazing

The ideal choice for up-front merchandising. Smooth lines with large open glass areas allow potential customers to view, while maintaining an effective security barrier, These glass entrances are virtually invisible and trouble free. This form of glazing can be designed in many configurations and finishes, to compliment virtually any surrounding condition.


Mlm offers a complete line of shop front framing to meet all conditions and traffic requirements. These systems are durable and virtually maintenance free. All of our standard and wide stile doors are capable of accepting component variations to meet requirements and apperances, such as magnetic locks, panic devices, remote access mechanisms and most bespoke hardware.


The nature of a canopy is its high visibility and its ability to personalize the entrance of a building.

For Architects

Help and advice with your choice of concept and design, initial cost survey.

Feasibility, architectural and constructional solutions' analysis

Design , including individual and non-standard solutions


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